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we do more with less

Enterprising ideas executed with surprising agility

Agility is our thing

The dynamics of modern marketing are changing. People connect, share and shop in unprecedented ways, and their attention is more of a luxury then ever before. In this new world of agility, marketers need to do more with less. We need to act quicker and deliver more; often with less time, money and information.

For many agencies, constraints act as a barrier to great work.  For Sunday Lunch, they are a gift.

We believe constraints unleash imagination; inspiring creative thinking, driving innovation and forcing focus.

Powered by Values

As the world moves more rapidly, big agencies with big processes are stalling. At Sunday Lunch, we keep things simple and streamlined, leveraging limited resources for maximum impact.

This is possible thanks to our values-led culture. Our values are central to everything we do; from our work, to our people and our amazing partnerships.


We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best brands in the world.



Strategy Planning
Brand purpose


Campaign concepts
Creative & design
Channel recommendations


Customer lifecycle
Digital marketing
Direct marketing
New product launches
Print & POS


Consumer promotions
Shopper marketing
Trade marketing
Experiential marketing
Sponsorship leverage
Local area/store/community marketing
Cause-related marketing

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